Artist Statement

Valencia (Spain). 02/10/1989

Painting is a pathway to interrogate my own subconscious and personal symbols and fears. I tend to work fast, as i look for the freshness of the psychologycal print. I like to imagine my paintings as warnings, taking place in a possible terrible future, or past; fantasy nightmares on barren fields and broken landscapes.

I believe in the figure of the artist as defined by Felix de Azúa: an individual who lends his eyes and sensitivity to society, to offer visions of reality in ways others cannot percieve. For this reason I believe in responsible art, involved and committed to the reality of its time. And although art, unlike the mass media, is a form of soft and slow influence, its effect is produced in the depths of the psyche, in the spirit, and there it remains: art is the plough that furrows the spirit where ideas will germinate. The artist is an engineer of the soul of his time.


- XXXII Muestra Internacional y Multidisciplinaria de Arte Contemporáneo. Castell de Montesquiu.
Organizada por El Circuit Artístic y la Diputación de Barcelona.
Group Exhibition. Osona (Spain).
Group Exhibition
Sala Pere Casaldàliga de la Fundació Claret, Barcelona (Spain)

- Exposición Colectiva Contemporánea,
Galería Abartium. 
Group exhibition. Calldetenes (Spain).

- Outside 2018, UPV.
Group exhibition. Valencia (Spain).

- Aparisi Art Studio.
Solo exhibition. El Puig (Spain).


2019 - Finalist
in the contest "Miradas Urbanas" (Urban Glances).
Inmobiliarias Encuentro (Madrid, Spain)


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